Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Julie and Julia

I watched the movie tonight for the first time. Yes, I am late to join in on these things. Yes, I was richly rewarded for the wait. The performances, oh yes, the performances. But the words, the wine, the saturated beauty of every single puzzle piece that went into this inspiring and genuine story. Delicious.

I love that Julia Child wanted to change the world with her cooking, with her words of cooking. Oh, the pages upon pages of carefully articulated results yielded from the art of trial and error! She laughs while packing up the box (holding her eight years of work) to send to her publisher for approval as if it is so naive to hope and wish that she could do something that could change the world. It is what we all want, isn't it? To inspire, yes, but I really believe it is ultimately, to share. That is why we story tell- weaving our webs with whatever malleable substance we can get our mortal hands on- words, paints, clay, treble clef or bass, numbers, protractors...seeking the art of living, of telling the story we are pursuing. However, it is the sharing that matters most. It isn't real until it is shared. The result matters, but not because IT actually matters, but because it can be passed on.

This is why I love language, cooking, wine, and music.... the laughter that comes from a warm kitchen while stories are exchanged and palates are satiated and pleasured. And to think all of this can happen, and it CAN change people's lives. This is why I loved this movie, because it links hope with ordinary life. Now, I know that everything in comparison with this movie is not so simple, or pretty, or perfect- but jeez, it does happen every once in a while! Make a personal vow to take in a little more- that little bit of hope in you to work on a dream- that little bit of heaven in a slow cooked meal- that conversation that suddenly extends until dawn. Simply put: let's savor our stories. Put it on simmer and let it goooooooooooo.......

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