Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day One

Day one of my blogging- day 17 of life in Los Angeles. day 9,146 of life on planet Earth. 

I should start at the beginning, or at one of them...hence the term,  "embrace the phoenix". It takes courage and surrender to allow life's events to hit you, pass through you, synthesize in your body, and keep walking on. Little life cycles on macro and microscopic scales. It can happen five times a day, two times a week, one time in a year, etc....but all on different levels. The ability to accept it- no, not just accept, but THRIVE with it. This is what I strive for. 

I am so grateful to be where I am. I sit here, typing in a new apartment in a city that greets you at the airport with the claim of, "Los Angeles: City of Arts and Entertainment". Well, hot damn! Arts and entertainment make my blood boil in the best of ways. When I walked off the plane and saw that sign, I had a little Ruby Keeler moment! 

But what leads me here? It is another rebirth. On the other side of a divorce and seemingly endless heartache, on the other side of structured school and plans, on the other side of a southern world and all its standards and ideas....slowly but surely, rebirth in oh so many ways. 

I have been lucky to have endless support from my family, and lots of truly amazing teachers along the way that have come in the form of friends, lovers, and educators. I wake up and greet the city each day with the list of things I am thankful for (for those who know me and how hard I sleep- it's the only thing that will actually get me out of bed! ;) and I set out to do the work that I am lucky to be able to do. 

I am at the very beginning and that used to embarrass me. Not anymore. 
I have no agent. I just moved. I have a theatre background. I have only begun to pound the pavement in this crazy town.
But I have heart. I have prayer. and most of all, I have faith. It is my middle name, after all. 


  1. OK, now you be a follower of my blog! This is fun!

  2. I very much like embracingthephoenix. think I will embrace my own inner phoenix. reborn, revived, resuscitated. (sp?) I just niggle away at me sometimes. niggle gnaw chew. and so I have created DeeBridge.blogspot. although now that I see it written, I wished I had gone with dogspot.blogspot. that's a good tongue twister if you pronounce the "." so, hope I have something to say... nothing yet... better go get some coffee first.